Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here I go....

Sometimes it's hard to talk when your not sure people want to hear. That's the wonderful thing about writing, only those that are interested read. Now I know that there are things like required readings for school and when you have to read something that your budding writer friend/family member made to not hurt their feeling or to pass a class, but there's still an interest. and interest in a relationship. an interest in your grade. There is an interest.

I suppose the first post I should go on about who I am and why I feel the need to have story time with the interest and such, but I don't know that this blog will stick to what I put down, so the best I can give you is this is my life and how I see it.

It's the moments, and the thoughts and everything outside and in between I care to put down.

I can garentee you'll hear about religion, sex, love, family, probably food, psychology, literature, and an eclectic mix of the rest of my life and all the ambitions hobbies and bad habits.

I change everyday and so I wouldn't be surprised if this blog did too.

And here is the other wonderful thing about a bloged conversation between me and you. You can leave. I won't hunt you down or get my feelers hurt. I won't fallow you around begging to read me. Or you can stay and you and I can carry on in conversations, exploring discussing and all around just being.

And maybe one day this will be published the same way there are those princess diaries and Ann Frank. Perhaps blogs have become the new form of diary, and will one day be published for generations to read and see what the bloggers saw and wrote down from those moments.

Ither way you are welcome to this conversation, and you are welcome to leave, pop in and out or spread around.

Just do what ever interests you.

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