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The story of Ali and Lee

So hate to disappoint anyone out there holding out for the fairy-tail no problems ever story, or the lesbian girl get's in straight girls pants and magically turns her gay story, or the lesbian turned straight by prince charming story or the wild porno story.

Yeah none of that happened.

What did happen thou in my opinion is far better because it was real and full of loves and snuggles.

It starts out much before Ali thou. I was ridding back in the car with Mom from my high school and I looked at her and said "I think I have a crush on a girl. Her name is Femmy and she's smart and funny and so pretty and––,"
"You don't have a crush on her, you're confusing admiration for something else."

And I argued for maybe a moment more then quit and took her word for it. After all she was older and I still bought into the Mom knows all. I was stright. Why not I know I could be attracted to boys and that they didn't have cooties. Straight was less trouble and less arguing. I dated a very nice young man for almost two years, and then broke up. A few months later went to Hollins.

Enter Ang.

Ang and I were in a circle of friends that were very close and I found my self with another 'admeration' for a woman. Little did I know she had a crush on me as well. Long story short it didn't go anywhere. I thought she was to traditional and would never like me that way. She thought I was too straight and catholic and would never like her that way. She left Hollins later that year and is now engaged to a wonderful man she loves and we're still good friends.

Center stage Ali

So Ali and I became very good best friends. Lots of platonic snuggles and cuddles. Well one day we were snuggaling and I asked her to teach me how to kiss.
That is how I broke the ice.
Not "I think you're cute. Lets go down town to that hotdog place." or anything like that but "Can you teach me how to kiss?"

And we liked it.
so we did it again.
and again
and again
and again
and never told anyone.

We didn't want to. Everyone had been teasing and telling us that we would both end up dating and then were rather rude about it when we said "No we're just best friends. And we're straight."We were. We identified as straight so there for we were. Also the 'gay-er' we acted in privet the straighter we felt. There wasn't a sudden urge to go kiss the female population of the world. We would joke around and sing "you are the only aception..." to each other.

And then we both started thinking and it very slowly came to be "you are that other aception."


but we knew we weren't gay. We like guys. After much talking and deep thought we decided we weren't straight, but we wern't gay. Ali is bi and I'm pan, leaning demi. About a year later we came out to our friends in privet, and then several months after that we just started showing affection in public like cheek kisses and quick kisses on the lips but only when family wasn't even thinking of being around. We are still not ready for parents to know.

For awhile it was Ali and me. Then this past summer I got a job for the BSA.

Enter Lee.

First of watching him shoot is like watching a god. Just saying.
I was a first year out there, and apparently earned the tittle of badass. (I like hard labor. It;s good thinking work and you feel wonderful when it's done.) I got to teach archery, but had never taught a merit badge class before. Lee came over to help me and I spent a class watching him and how he did it. I fell for Lee pretty quick but didn't say anything. I was at a BSA camp. the Boy Scouts of America is not well known for their acceptance of the Queer Community. Not that I thought he would go spread it around or anything like that. I trusted him to keep my secret that I was pan and currently dating a woman. (I was not open at all about my love life. As far as anyone besides my tent mate knew I was single and just not looking...also most of the other staffers there were all jail-baite and I like staying out of jail and not being creepy.) I trusted him but I had already forged a good friendship with him and did not want anything to change that.

Little did I know that he liked me too.

He had told me once but I thought he'd meant as a friend.
Hi I'm JR and things fly over my head.
And that's not the only thing that flew over my head.
"If you beat me in archery I'll take you out to dinner."
He ment it as asking me out. I took it at the face value of a bet.

Now there were a few people I had come out to. Mostly the few other female staffers. The important one in this part of the story is Kitty. Kitty seemed pretty fascinated with the idea of being polly and pan and asked alot of questions and I was more than happy to answer them. She promised she wouldn't tell and she was far from judgeing. It was wonderful.

Well Lee asked Kitty about me and she told him. She'd known him for a long time and well I'll still throw something at her for it but probably more the size of a washer than a rock. She did that on week two I belive. Two or three. He found out about Ali and even thou I was polly he didn't want to accidentally mess up something I already had so he didn't say anything other than the bet.

Now I thought it was just a bet. And I beet him with a score of 63 the first time. and we went out to dinner. and I thought that was the end of it.
When I beet him again with a score of 99-98 and then again with 112-111 I got dinner.
My tent mate and I were using all our womanly skills to get to the bottom of this. It was really just her singing "Heeee liiikes yooou" and me saying, "There's no way it has to be something really think so?" and Ali on the phone, "He obviously likes you back, go kiss him already!"

The powers of female logic.

Well it's the last week of camp, on the last night off, it's my birthday, shooting sports and aquatics have gotten together in the traditional party on a beach off camp. The party was really fun, they surprised me with cake. the sand was soft, the food was good, the cake was delicious.  It was just a good time all around. Every one under 21 had to be back at camp before midnight so all us non-drinking age staffers got in the van and Lee drove us back. He dropped the guys off at their side of the camp and was driving me to the far corner where female staff stays. It was my birthday. Just us in the car. Why not.

So I took a deep breth. "I like you."
silence for a moment, as we pulled up next the female hideaway I looked at him, "When I said I liked you. I ment I liked you liked you. Well goodnight!"

Next day at the range.

Lee: "I was really tiered last night, so I might have miss heard. What was the last thing you said before you ran away?"
Me: "I didn't run I skipped!"
Lee: "Before you frolicked away. What did you say?"
Me: "That I like you."
Lee: "...You sure took your time telling me."
Me: "Well you didn't say anything."
Lee: "I asked you out to dinner!"
Me: "When....oooooohhhh." *faceplam*

We danced around in conversations figuring out what we were to each other for a few days before settling into ourselves and it's been wonderful since then.

We got to go out on three dates after camp and before I left for school. Once out to the arboretum at night to see these wacky glass sculptures. Once to go out shooting. Once to go to the zoo and then meet his family.

So that is the tail of Ali, Lee, and me.

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