Friday, December 21, 2012

Up in the air again

So I'm back in the land of armor plated rats.

As per the norm I was the last out of my close circle to leave home. I shipped out at about 3:30 to catch the 5:30 flight. Roanoke airport is not ever that eventful unless I'm sneaking something past TSA, which I have done time to time. This time how ever, I checked a bag and got on, nothing to hide or sneak.

Our plane was tinny but I rather prefer smaller planes because the seats are usually more padded. Also tinny plane means shorter flight. I tend to get board on really long flights and prefer to have a few short hops to one really long leap. I dozed of for a bit, and when I woke up the girl next to me was watching Brave with her headphones I pulled out the manuscript of one of my novels I brought back to edit and half edited half watched.

And then I was in O'hare for three hours waiting for my next flight to DFW.

O'hare is always interesting, and rather large. It took me maybe about twenty miunets to walk to my gate from where I landed. Along the way I found a lot of restaurants, a children's museum and the statue of a brontosaurs. I usawaly munch in sushi in air port that offer it but the one place I could find was a fancy sit down restaurant that was rater pricy. So instead I ate at a new place called Jonny's Rockets. Had a Chicago style hotdog, a mango smoothy and a Oreo shake, and waited to see if a snow storm would leave me in Chicago. I was really okay if it did, I'd never stayed over night in an airport and it sounded like an interesting adventure. Dad promised however that if I stayed I'd get to be in a hotel so there I would be. Not that I really minded, it would still be an adventure.

This is the interesting part as I was waiting I was chilling out on a stage finishing off my shake and singing some songs to my self and well...I made money. People tipped me. Not a lot, just $3 but for the short time I was there that's pretty good. Apparently I make good holiday entertainment.

Well my flight wasn't canceled, so I hopped on the plane and finished out my ride home, landing in a wind storm.

So here I am. I should get a lot of the posts I have sitting in my draft box all done this brake as well as other personal things. Heres to the holidays, may they be as stress free as possible.

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