Sunday, March 31, 2013


So stress is back full force.

My aunt and several other mebures of my family want me to start a blog so they can keep up with me. Funny thing is I'm not out to a lot of my family. Including said aunt. Yeah sooo....I had to start up a different account for a 'family friendly blogg'. At least that way when I come out to my family, well it'll also be on the internet so I won't become some family secret. Some of the posts will be copyed over from this one, like the one on Dyslexia, but most over there will be different and not pen named. For both Ali's safety and mine, Ali might not be mentioned, as Mom still get's twitchy at the mention of her.

Papers are showing up in school. I dislike the paper part of higher education. I highly dislike how professors all seem to give big projects at the same time. I think they scheme against us sometimes. I also didn't get picked for an honors thesis. I wasn't really expecting one, but at the same time it still stung a bit. I'll probably just go for an indepent study senior year then.

The biness office apparently didn't bill texas prepaid till just now so there's a hold on my account and I can't get a room for next year till that's gone. The money is on it's way but till they have it no room for me. I'm emailing the housing and res. life office to see if I can get around that. I wouldn't care so much if I was in a single, but Skye my roomie would also get dragged down with me.

On top of all of this, I'm sick so after posting this I'm going back to bed.

You can wake me when it's all taken care of it's self.

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