Saturday, February 9, 2013

Abraham Lincoln: Vampier Hunter

With the wave of vampier books that formed a tsunami after Twilight, I have always to pick up anything that involves a pair of fangs...that can talk. I still have yet to pick up anything that involves romance with what should be a predator of humans, in my opinion.

Hay Some people like Twilight...I can't get past the abusive relationships...or the fact that they sparkle...or how fucking creepy Edward's just really not my book.

What is one of the select few vampier books I have read and really enjoy is: Abraham Lincoln, Vampier Hunter.

What really sells it for me is how much it reads like a nonfiction. Several times I found myself fully believing the words, and then becoming slightly afraid for my neck.

The basic idea is that Abe, after an unfortunate turn of events sets out to train himself how to kill vampires. He gains an Ally in Henry who then sends him out after vampires, sometimes during his campgen. The speculative elements blend in seamlessly with the historical fact and I do highly recommend this book to any reader.

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