Friday, February 8, 2013


Well spring semester is hear and I think I have the money to pay for it. Pretty sure. Just waiting on the pay check to come in.

Classes look really good this term too.

I have a class over ABA witch will be interesting not only because of the material but because of who's in it. You see I work as a play therapist. I volunteer to help feed the farm for the kids animal and art therapist. FRom what I have heard of ABA it is a cold way to deal with a child. Just training them how to act in very controlled scenarios and not really working with the kid.

She'd tried them and they were awful, so she says.

It was a required class for my Child Psych major, otherwise I would have been taking a different psych class this term.

Well the girl who sites right next to me interned at one of these ABA clinics and sings its praises. Went on about how it really, really works and there was so much improvement and yeah...

I know that it probably works from some kids, just like how it apparently really, really didn't work for the little boy I work with...but still we have very different veiws. The discussions will be very interesting. The only down side is the book is $270. So I'm still browsing trying to find it used for faaar cheeper.

That's also my only class on Mondays and Wednesdays now that I've dropped advanced creative writing. I love the professor dearly but I took her intermediate class and I didn't see any differences, including a five page dubbel space limit. So I'm taking a semester half off, Ali and Rose are making a 'creative writing' class for me at the writing center. I won't get credit but I'll get crit.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm busy. I'm also taking my first history class, it's over New Religions and/or Cults. It will be fascinating and the professor is so snarky. Then I'm taking Writing out of the Multicultural Experience. I think I'm mostly going to be writing about my sexuality and my disorders. Its kinda funny I can only get words out about my learning disorders in essays, but my physical ones only come out in poems. Usawaly I'm not a poet.

And then Drawing 1.

I wish I had been able to take it sooner, because I had considered a studio art minnor. It's just so fun and the professor, Nancy is so quirky and fun. She also just gave us a bunch of art supplies with a smile and said, "It's like Christmas!"I'm going to love this class so much, and I'll probably go on to Drawing II next semester and learn how to draw people better.

And I still have plenty of time open for work. Yay gainful employment.

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