Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cake pops and Snuggles

It had been a long time since Ali and I had been able to go out on a date. We have nice stay in dates where we just curl up together and watch a movie or an episode of Sherlock or My Little Pony. A lot of that is because I have no spare cash. At all.

However I do have Starbucks gift cards.

A lot of them, I don't get out to much so they just kinda pile up and now they are being put to good use.  Ali doesn't like coffee, or any kind of caffeinated drink but she loves cake-pops. So now once a month we're going to go out to Starbucks and I'll get her cake-pops and my self a drink or maybe a tinny pie. It was grate and so sweet and tender as we just got to sit and snack and talk about the future and our friends and life.

We got back and after a bit of chilling with friends we were off for some alone time. It's also been a while since we were just silly in sex. Goofing off and snuggling and just cuddling close and eskimo kisses. I'd really missed that. And the after snuggles. Gotta love the after snuggles.

I also got to spend the night in her room, not the same bed because she has new pearceing in her upper ear that we were afraid my hair would attack so I was on her couch bed. We were supposed to get up at 11 am today to get around but she set an alarm for 10:30 so she could sneak in and cuddle me.

It's the sweetest thing ever being woken up with your Angel holding you close. Epshally when she kisses your ear and tells you "good morning love".

Its been a good 24 hours.