Thursday, January 10, 2013

Swings anyone?

So in the wonderful journey that is self exploration I've learned a lot of new things about myself. Starting with but not limited to I'm a Lesbian, I'm a Swinger, I might be claustrophobic in certen situations (thank you disney), and other things.

So now onto the other part of my identity...reform I guess you could call it.

I still fall under the Polly spectrum of loves. I still am okay with loving more than one, I have found how ever that I am not the same as Ali on this. Ali is what I would call the classic. She can carry on multiple relationships of varying degrees and love everyone all the same and bee cool with it.

I'm more of a swinger. I have my one person that I love above all else (Ali) and am okay with fun dates, cuddels, and small kisses with some one else as long as it is understood that this is a fun thing that won't go anywhere at all and may end or be put on hold at any time, depending on the people involved.

So that's that. Not much a back story on that. Just a lot of me flopped on my bed listening to music and thinking.


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