Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When we feel crubby

Ali and I are very different when we care for each other when the other is sick. I was raised in a family of ten with an ER nurse for a mom and sometimes had to help care for little sick ones when I was half asleep of sick my self. Also I'm first aid and CPR trained...and the doctor of my circle of friends.

So when Ali first get's sick at first I question her about when, where, how. Run all applicable tests (Concussion, stoke, dehydration, hear attack warnings, ext.) Get her to lay down. Get her temperature. That sort a thing.

If she needs meds I find the kind I think will work best out of my pharmacy of a medicine drawer and give her the right amount. I would watch and give her crackers when I thought her stomach could handle it and always make sure she had water. I'd rub her head so she could fall asleep.

Ali is very good at sleeping it off and usawaly gets well very quickly that way.

My Angel...well she has not had the training, and as long as I'm awake I can tell her what to do. But there is something so sweet in the way Ali takes care of me. Just her default question when I'm curled under my blankets coughing or feeling puke-y.

"Can I get you water?"

It's just the way she says it and her face is so hopeful and just so adrabul. I could feel like dyeing and she still makes me smile. Kinda like a puppy. But much cuter.

She gives a few instructions too. Like:

"Try not to coff on people"

That is for me, for other's especially any medical persons.


I'm in good hands.

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