Sunday, October 21, 2012

Draw me like one of your French Girls

So I'm broke.

Like a small glass Christmas tree ornament thrown off of the Empire State building broke, and this was something I'd always wanted to try before.

Naked modeling.



Nude infront of a group of strangers who will see everything in only a way artists can. That is ether very good or very bad.

I finally got my brake this last week, and I'm very glad it was for Ali's class.

Apparently I looked very confidant and not at all nervous as I got up on that little stage in the middel. Oh no. Oh nonono, but thank you Ali for believing me so fearless. I was so nervous.

There is something absolutely terrifying and something very empowering about standing naked as a wee babe in front of a group of people.

I did my first pose facing Ali, and pretended that everyone else didn't exist. It was a three minute pose as they drew me with ink and brushes. With in the first two minuets I got over being embarrassed.

Everyone was nice, the music they had put on was really good and you know what, when else will it be okay for me to be nude in front of people? Live a little.

So I had fun with it. My first pose had been a marching bad stretch, then I did a 'ta-da' with spirit fingers. A knock of of thriller. An Archer's stance. A back/shoulder stretch. A crouching hunter thingy. A backbend.

And then a brake, where I got to hop off the stand and walk around and peek at the ink drawings. I wrapped in the blanket I had around me so I wasn't flouncing to much about naked.

Well I remembered that the first time. After that every one was relaxed an joking around enough that me popping up next to them with nothing on didn't bother anyone.

The last two were 15 minuets each and were sitting.

The last one I couldn't stop giggaling. My hair was tickling me. I was facing Ali at the time and apparently she got a lot of complements on how she got my smile.

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