Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pill free, yay me!

So I dropped my Concetta about a month ago now, and I've never been better.

Honestly it still takes about the same amount of effort to focus and stay on task as it did on the pill so I must have already built up a tolerance to the dose. The difference is that now because I don't have a drop in stimulation to the frontal lobe I don't suddenly act "real loopy" as it has been called where I can't sit still and I can't listen for longer than two words.

I hadn't had to make my self so when it suddenly dropped I was kinda thrown for a loop.

Now I'm actually doing much better and there's no drop. I can eat so I'm not starving and in pain late at night. There are no migraines and I know that I can do things on my own now with out meds.

Juliette helped me pick out a planer that's nice and colorful and works very well for me, and Ali helped me get a legal pad holder and a legal pad of graph paper so now I have checklists for what I need to do. That is my calendar on the wall I'm fairly organized now!

For me at least.

I'm doing well in all my classes, and I'm happy about it.

The one major difference that my friends have commented on is that I feel stronger now. I have higher highs and lower lows. Not like I'm on an emotional roller-coster but I can get happier and more upset over things. I love it!

Anyway, I should go do my homework now.

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