Friday, October 26, 2012

Tinker Day!!!

Tinker Day has to be my favorite Hollins tradition. For those of you who don't know Tinker Day is a random day, usawally between first frost and parents weekend. At midnight the seniors run down the halls in their robes banging pots and pans screeming. However they do this other nights before Tinker Day as well, it's their Tinker Scares. The way you know it's really Tinker Day is that the chapel bells right at seven am when Moody opens up with fresh kispy cream donuts.
President Gray

We then dress in our most Tinkery. See like this.

Fun. Oh so much fun!

After a rousing speech from President Gray We hiked up to Tinker mountain, took a water brake and then hiked up the mountain.

It's not a death hike, at least not for me but I'm pretty fit, but it's no stroll. My friends and I were in the back of the heard and they were pacing them selves, and I was with them. I didn't mind at all the mountain is beautiful and it's more fun to go up it with friends.

Somewhere in there I became the Water Fairy. We weren't the only group lagging behind and I didn't drink that much so I spent my time skipping and hopping back and forth to bring water to people that forgot theirs. Sometimes I'd find a nice rock climb up on top and ask anyone who passed if they needed some.

Went through two water bottles completly. I need to bring more next year.

Well we made it to the top were silly songs, fried chicken and skits awaited. The skits this year were really good.  The first years apparently had watched my classes skits from previous years, not that we minded. We were really quite flattered and so proud of out sister class and are now happy to have a nice healthy competition.

Sadly the class of 2014 lost our Golden Donut winning streak when the seniors won best skit this year. I personally disagree I think if we lost to anyone we should have lost to the first years. They were really amazing. Either way we can just win it back next year and 3 out of 4 years has to be a record, even if they're not in a row.

Skits aren't anything like Broadway productions but we have fun and I feel like my class has raised the bar on how good a skit can be. I do have my favorite out of the three skits I've preformed, but it's always such a thrill to do new ones.

There were something's that bothered me on Tinker Day but that's a different post because right now I'm talking about how amazing it all was, just like every year before that.

Tinker Day in short is amazing and wonderful. More schools should do it.

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