Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Legos? Why?!

Toys frustrate me as much as I love them. And I do. I love playing with toys for all ages and such but I hate walking through the toy part of Walmart and Target or a toy store. Because all the girl stuff just has to be pink. Really. I don't get it.

I'll look at puzzles and then, oh here's the boy toys all made for adventuring and durable and BLUE, and then before I even step into the girl aisle I'm blinded by sheer and utter pinkness.

Oh this drives me crazy, but what really hit me over the edge is when Legos did it to. Yes I'm speaking of Lego Friends.

Just why? Why is suddenly everything pastel? She doesn't even look like a lego person. She doesn't even go here! And the sets, I glanced at them in the store, are all about sleepovers and cafes and fluff. 

But the regular legos had cafes and restrants and hospitals and houses. I don't understand. Why did they need to make it pink? Or makeup-y? Or prissy?

I tried to explaine to my Mom why I was so frustrated and it went about like this.

"But why do they have to make legos for girls? Why couldn't lego have just stayed gender neutral?"

Mom: "Girls just like pink. It's just been found that girls naturally like pink."

Me: "Pink used to be a boy color and girls are conditioned to like pink, we're surrounded from it since birth." We are, as soon as your clean it's like PINK! Pink everything. 

Mom: "Well this is just the way it is and it's not a big deal. People are happyer this way. You never wanted any of the boy toys."

Me: "Yes I did! You just would never buy me the comics or legos or bug catching kits!" I did ask for them. Every Christmas, birthday and Easter and everything in between. I ended up just stealing my brothers and turning all my barbies into ninja spies who ruled the world with their army of beanie babies. 

Mom: "It's just not a big deal, JR."

But it is. She had told me that I couldn't have them because they weren't what little girls played with. It wasn't till Grammy snuck me a set of a WWI plane with a aviator man to fly it that I got my own set. 

And I don't understand. like tell me the gender of who made these:

Can you tell? 


I build things like that when I can and I know guys who do too. I don't understand how the little blocks have a gender. Why do we have to force a gender on everything? 

It drives me crazy. 

When I grow up and become a mom I shall have expressive unjudged kids. There will be princess dresses and prince suits and lab coats and sparkly shoes and boots. My kids will get to have skirts and pants. If I get a girl that dose all the 'boy' things cool. If I have a boy that likes to wear skirts and do 'gril things cool. If i get a really girly girl or a really boyish boy then cool too. Hell If I get on e like me that dances about the middle that's cool.

I suppose I'm just frustrated at the gender segregation. But really legos? Why Legos, why?

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