Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Low down dirty rat thief!

I am incredibly fond of small fuzzy things. Being a Psychology major this is a good thing considering how labs are usawally run with rats. Now this year I was supposed to be doing an independent study on the learning behaviors of rats vs. mice in complex mazes. But things happened, e-mails got lost thing the void of the internet and it didn't happen.

But rats are incredibly intelligent. They can learn agility courses with amazing efficancy. The study was going to compare the two but I had no mice.

So I asked and was granted the two spare rats to run a pilot study. I named them Hawkeye and Cap'n Rogers. We went along and did our thing for a bit.

well last week someone's rat died. So she came in and took Hawkeye. I find this out by walking in the next day to feed her and seeing her card replaced and the name reading Keli. Keli is a stupid name for a Hawkeye.

And there was no e-mail from Dr. Flory. Not one text saying even just, 'My rat *insert name* has recently died. I had to take yours from cadge B9.' Just this slap in the face of they stole my rat. Hawkeye was my baby and you took her.

You bitch!

I sobbed for maybe an hour. It's like someone taking your dog from you. I played with her dayly. I can still tell you how she liked her tummy rubbed and how she would always run up to the front of the cadge and stand on her little hind legs to wait to be taken out and played with or given a treat.

Well today, after I had checked on and played with her just yesterday. Rogers was taken. Like her whole cadge dissapered so I stood there for a moment having every worst possible case come to mind. She's been stolen by those crazy PETA nut cases. She died.


Some one took her. Moved her away. I think she's the one that's now named Navi.

I'm just hurt and pissed.

Just, really. Couldn't they have at least told me they were going to take them?

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