Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to the land of Mountains and Education

So travailing again, and I'm back to my home sweet Hollins.

I had to get up incredibly early. Like, 4:00 in the morning to get to the airport by 5 for my flight at 6:45.

It was alright, DFW isn't too bad. It was just so early.

Well I got a breakfast of a bagel and creme cheese from Duncan Donuts along with a naked fruit smoothy. I also met Emily, a very nice young woman in the army who happens to play sax, and hackie sack.

Every sax player I have ever met plays hackie sack. I asked and it doesn't come in the case, but they all play. How dose this happen?

Talked with her for a while. She's getting her asigments today so good luck to her.

I'll be honest I hate long flights with untalkative people next to me. I also hate long fights becuse they're so dull. I feel asleep in my seat but it wasn't comfortable at all. Also the guy next to me smelled like bad sour crout.

Please if you ever fly, shower and have deo on. Just do it.

Got off in Dulles, got sushi again and wandered around a bit.

Really not much happened this trip.

I got to be on a smaller plane and they tend to always have comfier seats so I was happy, but nothing makes me smile like I do when I see those mountains again.

Oh Hollins it's good to be back.

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