Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back to Play, and back to the land of child

Like I've said before, airports are my playground. I love travaling. It's my favorite part of the holliays. Well that and now I can see Lee hopefully, if I'm not too tied down by children and the duty of the older sibling.


This was not very eventful travel, at least not till I landed in Dulls and then DFW. Roanoke is just a tinny airport in general. Only six gates, one little magazine store, and one itty bitty bakery once you go through security.

I suppose the interesting thing that happened there was I was abel to hold a bag where it wasn't supposed to be. *gasp?* I was in the front seat that has no other seat for me to slid my back pack under.  I just put my feet on it and acted like it was supposed to be there.  Ta-Da?

Anyway got to Dulles in DC for my connecting flight to Dallas and all of the Romney stuff was outside the store in the shoplift section. You know that spot outside the door where they can't really watch you or stop you. Don't know what it says that, that's what I call it but eh. Now Romney, he's out there. All 50% and more off. The only Romney related thing I saw was a tee: "Don't look at me I voted for Romney".

Now if said person really did go vote then they may complain.

My favorit tee was this one <–– It about sums it up for me. Don't get me wrong, Obama seems like a nice guy. but just I don't much care for politicians.


I was in Dulles for maybe 2.5 hours and I had my little suitcase  and my backpack and lots of time. Also I was hungry.

My favorite food to get at an airport is sushi. It's really not bad because airports that sell sushi are busy enough that the sushi is usawaly nice and fresh. Very tasty. Also Hollins has no sushi at all. It makes me sad.

Now I landed at the edge of C and had to find D 29.

Airports are my playground. I love them and memorize where things are easy. In Dulles should you ever need a difibulatior, go to the nearest large sit down restaurant and look at the wall across from it. Especially pubs. Just a hint.

The one thing I have never found in Dulles till yesterday was a Sushi place. I had to hop on one of the shuttle things and go to A. Turns out theres a sushi bar there next to the Fudruckers I was take to on a date by a guy named John from the navy (He's nice we still text from time to time) and across from the Ben and Jerry's. I don't remember what flag it was under, but you walk past Brazil but I believe it;s before Australia.

This was my first sit down sushi bar. I'd never had theirs before so I ordered tame. They didn't have a crab roll so I went with a California, and I prefer rolls anyway. I got to watch it be made and it might have been some of the best sushi I have ever had. I got to listen to them talk in Japanese as I ate to. I only picked up a few words like "Hai" and "Ikimas" but I do love the sound of words.

This was also a first for me. I finally mastered chopsticks! I was so nervous too, because everyone else was using them so easily, but I did it! I finally was able to hold them right and do it and I didn't drop a single roll!

I killed the rest of my time stoping in one of the little magazine shops once I got back over to D. Pick up some mentos, check out the little voodoo dolls I collect but Dulles is so expensive so no dolls. I'd finished my book and didn't want to start my next one so I grabbed psychology today and a smoothy and went to my gate to sit and read.

I will be subscribing to this magazen. Its so fascinating.

The plane ride wasn't that good. Long and dull, It had a movie but I didn't pay to much attention.

The other fun came when I was in DFW. I was all carry on so I didn't have any bags to claim and Mom was going to be about another two hours. I grabbed a carmel frap from Starbucks and some lemon pound cake and set up a spot in a lounge to charge my phone and text Ali and Lee. Let various persons know I landed safe.

Then I met someone new.

"Hay, you with the beautiful hair. Is there an out lit there?"

I complemented her boots, for there were very snazzy and we got to talking. It was so nice. I think we had about the same views on everything. She also sounded like a perfect fit for Hollins so when I get back I'm sending her some information and I'll link her to scholarships. We talked for the entier time till Mom was out side and I had to go. She was stuck there till 7 the next morning.

All in all I love traveling and this was a good run

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