Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ring Night!!! part one

Okay so I couldn't do the daily update like I promised but here's going to be a day by day.


I was excited and frightened as hell. I honestly was convinced that I wouldn't know my sister because I was a pity pick. All of those few seniors I did know where involved in things like ADA, HAB, Roundtable or specialty houseing. They'd pick juniors in there and not me.

But I was so excited because it was Ring Night. This is the thing when you are a junior. It's like sorority rushing but with out the risk of hazing and the entire jr. class dose it.

I got in my group with Ali, Juliet, Rae, Chris (who I knew but hadn't really talked to that much), and Tibby. We met at 4:30 to meet our helpers and get our skit prompt.

Skits are at 5:30

They refused to give us our prompt till 5.

Now it wasn't so bad, as much as we pretended to be insulted and upset to them. We had to do a skit to 'Be a Man' from Mulan. We sang it ourselves as Ali acted as Shang with her short sticks. We were the hopeless recrutes. We snuck in some Hollins feminism by when we sang "Did they send me daughters?" We all struck heroic poses. "When I asked for sons" we looked around, scratched pretended to pick noses.

We propsufly messed up on kicks and punches till the part after the big mid section.

I was Mulan, and when I went up to show how I had improved Ali tried to send me home with a flick of her sticks. Well Mulan/me grabbed the sticks and as the other's sang Ali and I dueled it out. I was then deemed bad ass enough for the Imperial Army. Ali and I are both officers in the Hollins Martial Arts club.

Then it was time for the Scavenger hunt. Usawaly groups go on a cross city hunt to take pictures and that sort of thing. Juliet didn't want to leave campus so we did ours at Hollins. It was a blast and the riddles were really good.

After that we put on our paint clothes and our sunglasses (Blindfolds are against the rules now as another step to prevent hazeing. We are a sisterhood and look after each other like that.) The helpers than lead us around campus as we couldn't see because it was night and then up to a spot where we sat down and waited in a circle. Talking and singing to each other.

Seniors are fucking creepy this night.

They all try and hide there voices so they talk real high and really creepy as they walk around you asking you to sing cretin songs before they pull you away one by one to get a picture. You still don't see them as your blind from sunglasses.

Then the painting. After everyone is done we sit in our circle and hold our hands up and they squirt paint into them. when then paint about as well as a blind dog on each other's shirts.

It's wet and cold and I'd do it all over again.

Our sisters leave and then we're allowed to take off the sun glasses and go back to the dorms and try and scrub the pain from our skin. Ali's shoulder was dyed green and yellow for days. We also now have our list of demands and before we sleep we start on our odes and top 10s.

And then we sleep.

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