Sunday, November 25, 2012

Energy healing?

My first met the person who practices it introduction to energy and auras and the like was an ex friend named Darcy.

Darcy, if I may be so blunt, is rather full of her self and has an over inflated sense of importance and glory. Her way was the right way in all things spirit-y and the like.

"Your aura is (inset color) you are very (insert trate/mood/movie preference)"

You could tell her that she was wrong and then it just became she was right and you were not really aware of what you were. You were what ever she said. When she did tarot reading––which I will admit I had her do them, mostly to look at her cards because they were pretty––the reading was what she said, not what you might think it could be. For the longest time she kept giving Juliet reading that Ali and I were going to go off and abandon them all. What really ended up hapaing was she left us exept for when she found us...useful? It's another story.


Darcy really for a long time turned me off of anything pagan or spirt sounding because, oh God those people might be like her. I just didn't want to deal with it. I just didn't.

That was maybe half a year ago.

So this was after Bell Book and Candle's party, but I had been just picking up bits from KC on what she did. I understood jack squat.

I'm very in my body? And that's why snuggling me feels good...because I'm there? Where else would I be?

So I finally sat down and had a talk with her. I still have a hard time understanding it, but I get it a bit more now. In ways I can't really describe but I do get it more now.

She also did energy work on me.

Here's how I understand it. People have an aura, that is a small electromagnetic field around them. You're body operates with electricity, that's how messages are sent around the brain and all around the nerves. so it would make since for there to be an aura.

You'd have a hard time convincing me that you can see and interpret colors. About near impossible of a time.

But the energy field caused by the electricity around your body sounds completely reasonable to me. The energy working part comes in when one person, like KC, uses their electricity to influence another person's electricity.

It feels very tingly and my leg kept twitching, like the kinda twitch a dog's leg dose when you scratch that one nice spot on their belly.

It's definitely something I'm going to look into to some more. I should set some more times to talk with KC about it.

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