Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's Ring Night.

Oh dear. 

Well how to explain Ring night...I might have a suitable picture let me see. 

Well it feels like that sometimes but in the cool way.

Uhh.... let me try again.

Oh the crafting we'll have to do. and the Odes and oh my oh my...

Well let me just try and explaine what happens in this majical prosses. 

Each Junior has at least on Secret Senior Sister that gives them demands Thursday through Saturday and then gives them their Ring Night basket full of goodies and treats! 

Today we have a skit that we are made to perform and we get our call outs. Call outs are like Random person: "Group 9 what do you do?" Group nine: "Don't stop, never give up! Hold your head high and reach the top!" Or they can be individual like: Random person: "What do I do with a kitty cat?" Junior X "Any body wanna snuggle, meow?"

They can be cute, dirty, funny, or what ever.

After skits we go on a scavenger hunt. This can be done in many ways and tonight I'll tell you how mine goes.

Then we get our odes  to do and a list of demands for tomorrow.

It's all very fun and safe and a wonderful tradition for the Juniors and Seniors.

There are rules in place to keep everyone safe and prevent any hazing and every Junior has the right to say no to a demand or call out and are encouraged to do so if it makes them uncomfortable. There are times when demands can not be given so that we can sleep and get work done.

I'm so excited I can't wait. 

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