Monday, November 5, 2012

Bell Book and Cupcakes

So as I had said before I'm more spiritual than religious, and I will admit I take a few things from paganism. Some of what they say really makes since. Mostly I look into the natural healing and that sort of thing. If the Fay are real or not I don't know. Wouldn't be surprised if it was, wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. I meen I've seen ghosts.


Ali was going to take me on a date as we hadn't had one in so long. We were going to go to a seniors thesis performance with the flute. Right as were were getting around to go out, a knock on the door happened.

Ali is the club cornatior. She runs and manages all SGA clubs and they come to her with questions and problems. At the door was a question/problem.

Katniss (as I call her, she is a huger Hunger Games fan) was about to cry because the room she had reserved for her Bell Book and Candle. Chairs where everywhere and she's never thrown a party before and was just really stressed out. So Ali and I went to help out.

We helped move the chairs back and get things set up, and then with some time to kill we hung out.

I've never been sure to believe in tarot or not...but I do get eerily reflective readings of my life.

Like the one Katniss did for my past life.

I was a black sheep of were ever I was, even thou I was a leader in some local revaluation. But not leader by choice. and I was a black sheep because of a well...because past me was involved with another woman *gasp*. My mother then did not approve of this, big surprise, but out of her love for me she led the counter revolution. Also my little revolutions sounded alot like Hollins. I also had a man that sounded like Lee as well as someone like Ali.

Katniss and I arn't the closest people, also she reads what she reads. As unbiassed as Trot can get I suppose you could say. But she dose warn that her reading may not be clear, and all.

I also got a reading with stones. It liked mapped out my life. The goals I have, problems, that one friend that I don't have to call every day but every time we talk it's like we never dropped off. That one female figure that I feel betrayed by.

It's interesting.

Ali and I ended up staying and talking as the party went on. It was a fun date.

I think I might just go to more Bell Book and Candle events. Panginsum is so interesting and many times a take what fits you leave what dosn't.

I shall keep you updated

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