Monday, November 19, 2012

We're not art people

At least not modern-ish art. Ali is an art person, so maybe someday we can bring her along and she can explain it all to us.

Last night thou it was just Lee and I wandering around an art museum. A modern art museum. It was fun and there were a few peaces that I did really like...they were the ones that I didn't think I could do myself.

Now I know that somewhere out there there's probably a few artists that want to stab me with their brushes for saying that, but I'm not an...abstract modern art person. I like the ones that look challenging to pull off. The blurs of colors just don't to me.

We did plot how to steal a head statue...thingy...that we couldn't decide if it looked sad or happy. So there?

It was fun thou I really missed him and afterwards we went out to eat at an Asian Buffet. It had really good sushi and egg drop soup and chicken. And the company always helps. I could talk to him for weeks and never get bored with it. I swear when I'm around him sometimes I start giggling just because I'm so happy he's there.

I know that sounds over sweet but it's true.

The week is still young so maybe we'll be abel to sneak back out. That would be nice.

Here's hopeing.

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