Friday, November 30, 2012

Never okay.

If you haven't heard Vitoria's Secret made a big oops...again. They all ready messed up with 'Sexy little geisha'

Uhmmm....I have never seen a geisha dressed like that. And I've seen geisha's in airports and in research for school. They look like this:

Note lack of boobs spilling about. 

Well VC did it again, but this time it was Native Americans. Let's post pone the rage and look at what they did. 

What the hell.

Also 'if it offended any one'. "Gee guys, I didn't realize that we would be offending an entire nation of people by making you sex objects, our bad." Yes this is the model and it's not really her fault but this is also what the company said as well. 

Why dose this keep happening?

It would be grate if it was just VC and we could slap them on the writs and be done with it but it's everywhere. Women of other minorities or ethnicity's are sexuwalized. Just look up adult costumes for women. Really. Breasts for your viewing pleasure are everywhere. Spilling out. 

Dose anyone have any idea what we can do about this? It needs to stop. But it's everywhere. 

Let's start something. Anything. Take back our past, and take our identities out of the low cut and skin tight ideas. 

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