Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hoop Dance

So I'm part Cherokee and part Creek. Some people say they can see it but I don't feel like I look particularly native. Anyway I have always loved the Native cultures and myths. I especially love their language and dances, but well I can't learn navajo at this rate but I did dace for a while and I pick up on it very quickly now.

Well this Friday Hollins had a pair of Hoop Dancers come into Moody and preform as we were eating lunch.

Hoop Dancers are like this:

Well at least this is one of them. Really you should go look them up. Well they asked for two volunteers to come up and learn how to dance with them and I went up. It's complex and simple all at the same time. I wish I had hoops to practice with. It was so much fun.

I wasn't flawless or awe inspiring but I didn't fall on my face so that's good too.

Anyway. Go look them up! Try it out

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