Saturday, November 3, 2012

So many Y's

It seems to be bring your boyfriend to campus weekend. Or day. I'm not sure which yet. Prosbies are coming tomorrow so all hosts are forbidden to have overnight guests. Don't want to make things awkward for the little prosbies, and politeness. Also next week end is Ring Night and anyone who is not currently going to Hollins is not allowed near any Ring Night activity.

Perhaps I'm just noticing more than usawal because I really miss Lee. He's all the way in Texas. I love Ali but she's not Lee and they can't replace each other. On the bright side, late this month or early next he'll be here to visit me at Hollins! I'm so excited! Then he and Ali can meet in person and not just over skype.

Also he's terrified of hights, but he's flying in to see me. This will be the first time he's ever been on a plane. I personally love flying, but you know, it's not for everyone I suppose. Still it meens so much that he would get on a plane for me. I'd like to think that I'd go through a house of clowns for him....but if I'm honest it'll have to take some real motivation to get me to willingly go through that. Like his life in imetiat danger of no longer going on. Then I know I would gladly knife/pepper-spray/shoot my way through any amount of clowns. (Don't laugh, clowns are twisted evil things.)

Anyway I'm off to go clean as I'm due to get a prosbie tomorrow and my room is a bit of a pit.

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